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Greece in High Stakes Poker Game to form a Government Now That Elections are over.

Autore: FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Greece in High Stakes Poker Game to form a Government Now That Elections are over.

Greece in High Stakes Poker Game to form a Government Now That Elections are over.

After almost three years dealing with Greek bailouts and politics one would have thought it could not get more complicated and involved.

The election results, presented the New Democracy a clear winner, but not with enough seats to form an independent government, but with a vast majority.

That said, the rest should have and could have been simple.

The New Democracy, could ignore the second place winners, the left party of  Alexis Tsipras  known as SYRIZA, the party that wants to toss away the bailout and would not have a problem withdrawing from the EU or the euro. 

The New Democracy could achieve enough seats by joining with the third place party, PASOK, and claim a total of 159 seats a clear majority. This sounds like a smart move for the third place finished to have the upper hand in negotiations with the winner party. This could catapult PASOK back in to the limelight and give them more power.

Simple except when it comes to Greek politics and complexities. PASOK is now implementing long term stategy into the negotiations to secure their control for a long time.

PASOK is now refusing to negotiate with the New Democracy, unless the SYIIZA part is included in the new government. This is not because they want the support of the party, they want the party locked into the packages, so that if Alex Tsipras calls for new elections in six or eight months, that he can not brand the two other parties with the failure off negotiations with the EU or continued Greek financial unrest.

What the parties are scare of is that Alex Tsipras will be able to call for new elections and take an overwhelming majority if he can prove that the two parties have not successful renegotiated with the EU, or increased jobs, reduced austerity measures and improved the situation in Greece, giving SYRIZA a clear mandate to evoke their promises to ditch the bailout, ditch austerity measures and to ditch the euro.

It seems to me that Tsipras, has out maneuvered the other parties to end up in the cat bird seat, it seems that Greece’s future government now lay out at his feet and the next move is his.

Greece always promises drama and intrigues and as of tonight they have not let us down.



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